2017: The End of Special Relativity

Vogel's Theory of Everything (VTOE) presents the first complete scientific proof that the principle of relativity is also valid for speed of light.

This is covered in a new theory based on classical physics and therefore has been named:

Vogel's Neoclassical Theory of Relativity (VNTR)

Finally we are back to the absolut nature of space and time!


Links: Einstein (1907)

Contrarily to Special Relativity the VNTR is based on basic physical principles, because it avoids the violation of principle of relativity for speed of light and it avoids violation of principle of energy conservation.

In VNTR all experimental results, which have been the basis for SR, are explained by the classical principles. So the VNTR is not questioning any experimental result or observation.

All experiments are conform to VNRT

Thus the probability of Special Relativity is below 0.0001

The probability of Neoclassical Relativity is above 0.99


Please do the Einstein Logic Test and get more informations about the experiments which are the Basis for the theories for relativity: Go to Einstein Logic Test

Links to e-book:  VTOE EU ; VTOE COM