New Basis for Risk Analysis of Collider Experiments

Chemical model of particles (CMOP) shows that there are equal amounts of matter and antimatter all over the universe. See pages "Particle physics", "Arguments for CMOP" and "Tests of CMOP"


The matter-antimatter-symmetry implies a complete new situation for all of us:

We all are sitting on a powder keg!

Normally this is no problem at all, because till now there has been nothing in the universe to ignite the powder.  The only problem is that the conditions for ignition can be generated by mankind:

We unconsciously make utmost efforts to ignite the powder, which will extinguish our universe

This means ignition will lead to a reverse big bang, because the reaction (annihilation of matter) is with high probability an unstoppable chain reaction. This is conform to a basic principle of chemistry, which says: if there is a possible reaction (in our case big bang), there is always a possible reaction to the opposite direction (in our case reverse big bang). See page "Reverse big bang".

The statement of safe operation of colliders is based on errors

According to "chemistry of physics" there are three crucial errors, which have led to the current assumption that high energetic particle experiments are safe: 

Error 1: Determinations of energy of cosmic particles showed, that these are partly much higher than the maximal energies generated at CERN or other colliders.

Currently there is no proved explanation for the generation of the "Ultra high energy" of cosmic rays

Thus following statement of VTOE has an extreme high probability:

Colliders  can generate conditions which have never been  present  in universe (even not at big bang) and therefore can initiate a reverse big bang!

Error 2: Standard model postulates that the amount of antimatter in universe is very small and therefore not critical. But there is no physically valid explanation for the postulated matter-antimatter asymmetry.

The chemical model of particles (CMOP)  proves that all elementary particles and by this all matter (including dark matter) consists of electrons and positrons, which are matter and antimatter. See page "particle physics".


Error 3: Annihilation.

In Standard Model the annihilation of electron and positron has a limitted hazard by radiation. 

Chemical model of particles shows that annihilation of matter is not equivalent to the observed apparent annihilation of electron and positron (annihilation of masses), which is a non-critical bonding reaction of electron and positron to a electron-neutrino, which is not detected in Annihilation experiments.  Real annihilation  has never occured till now and therefore requires specific extreme conditions. It should be possible that the exact conditions can be calculated on basis of CMOP. There is a realistic probability that these conditions can be achieved by specific collider experiments, which has urgently to be  checked. 

Another problem is that with the annihilation of matter probably is an unstoppable chain reaction, which would cause a recerse big bang.

See page "Reverse big bang"


Matter can be annihilated by particle colliders.

This can lead to the annihilation of the universe (reverse big-bang).

This means that for collider experiments with new conditions a separate risk analysis has to be done!

Chemistry of physics explains why the chemical model of particles (CMOP) is much more probable than current Standard Model:

see pages "Particle Physics" and "Arguments for CMP".


We all have to fight that above requirement is implemented as soon as possible!

It is our future!

The stakes could not be higher. Nothing can justify to continue as usual.

We need the strong force of social media to publicize and enforce above existential issue. Please share and distribute around the world (as long as it exists)

One objective is to activate scientists and news media reprentatives to read, to think about and to comment.

See page "Urgent Call for Review"