Explanation of Dark Energy

Chemistry of physics provides first explanation for the observed accelerated expansion of the universe

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Following considerations have been updated on 27-April-2017 and slightly different from considerations in actual version of VTOE!

There is no scientific basis for unknown or new energies. Basis for chemistry of physics is that all energies in universe have to be explainable by interactions of electrons and positrons, which are wellknown.

Therefore the first statement of chemistry of physics is:

The accelerated expansion of the universe has to be explainable by neoclassical physics; there is no "dark" energy

First we have to define what is meant with expansion of the universe. In chemistry of physics it is the expansion of that part of the universe where there are celestial bodies. There is a much larger part, where there is dark matter in universe. In chemistry of physics movement of celestial bodies are given by the modified relativistic energy (see e-book). By this the conditions to explain an accelerated expansion of the universe are:

     * there is no (further) buildup of matter in universe

     * there is currently a decreasing expansion of dark matter in universe


Although currently the space of celestial bodies might have an accelerated expansion, chemistry of physics is conform to the theory that the expansion will turn to contractions.  


There is also a high probability that the conclusions of the observations that led to the statement of an accelerated expansion are not correct.

It has to be taken into account, that the expansion of universe cannot be detected by redshift measurements! Redshift depends on relative direction and speed of movement but also on  concentration of dark matter which overall gives no  informations about movement,


Any change of size of the universe is due to kinetic and gravitational energy of celestial bodies

Long-term process is the contraction of universe

As soon as the gravitational force of celestial bodies  in outer region of the universe  is above their kinetic force the universe will collapse again with increasing speed.

By the way, there is another very important physical effect of the reduction of concentration of dark matter by time. It is the  

Change of Fundamental Constants by Time