The modified Big Bang Theory of Neoclassical Physics

VTOE eliminates all assumptions with low probability

1. In modern physics the universe starts from an undefined and physical impossible state (singularity, ultra small, ultra high density, ultra high temperature,  ultra high energy)

In VTOE all states are conform to classical physics, this means the complete process of big bang is explained by scientific  principles, which do not allow above conditions. Starting with matter or/and energy which has an ultra high density does not make sense, because it does not clarify how matter or/and energy has been formed.  

In VTOE the universe starts with zero matter and zero energy.


2. Much simpler big bang process

In VTOE the big bang process is much simpler than it is for modern physics. Only two different states of one particle has to be created (positron and electron). With the statement that these two states are positive and negative energy there has to be "nothing" to build these states.

The creation of 61 different fundamental particles cannot be explained and is nearly impossible.

In VTOE the unexplainable asymmetry of matter and antimatter is eliminated.


3. Scientifically sound explanation of cosmic Inflation and cosmic homogeneity

In VTOE there is a scientiffically sound explanation for the "nearly infinite" expansion of matter at the beginning (cosmic inflation): There is only one mechanism which limits speeds of particles in universe: the interaction with muon-neutrinos (dark matter). The formation time for muon-neutrinos was quick, but not so quick that within short time (estimated below 1 second) the main part of the universe has been generated.

4. Much simpler formation of other particles

In VTOE there has been a quick formation of electron-neutrinos directly followed by formation of muon-neutrinos (dark matter). By this reaction incredible high amounts  of energy has been generated equivalent to the differences in masses. The energy is taken up by neutrinos as kinetic energy.

The generated energy is the basis for the expansion of the universe after the cosmic inflation and for reactions to other bound particles like kaons, protons and neutrons by high energetic collisions of neutrinos. All reactions can be well described. The formation of dark matter causes the stop of generation of further fundamental particles as electrons and positrons got kinetic energy and new matter can only be formed when this has no kinetic energy to move away from the point of generation. The stopping time should be within a second after start of formation.

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