Physical Universal Reality (PURe)

2018: The beginning of a new age of physics


Physicsts have done so many experiments up to now, that the informations by these experiments are sufficient to become aware of the unique physical reality of our universe. This means physical theories, which are based on hypotheses are not needed any more to describe and explain everything what happens in universe. Modern physics is dominated by physical theories. following theories can be completely eliminated and replaced by physical reality:

- Standard Model of particle physics

- Standard model of cosmos

- all Group and field theories

- all Quantum theories

- theories of Special and General relativity.

A Group of scientists under the lead of physico-chemist S.O. Vogel discovered physical reality and called this PURe = Physical Universal Reality. They used exclusively generally accepted scientific  principles without  hypotheses. They started with particle physics. To their surprise the physical reality of particles  does not only describe all known and unknown elementary particles and explain all their properties but it can be shown that also all forces and energies can be described by well-known chemical interactions. The physical reality of particles showed to be the key for answering all open questions and unsolved problems of physics like dark matter, dark energy, black holes, big bang, relativity and many more. See pages  "Particle Physics" and "Arguments".

These findings were so important to be publizised that they decided to self-publish PURe before usual publishing process.


As all expectations  for a theory of everything are met, the firstversion of PURe has been called Vogel's theory of everything (VTOE). As it is no more a theory the title was changed to Physical Universal Reality. 



  • PURe eliminates all inconsistencies of modern physics
  • PURe presents scientifically sound descriptions and explanations of nearly all  currently unsolved problems of physics (see listings of Wikipedia). 
  •  PURe can easily be tested (see page "Tests of PURe")

Scientific Basis

PURe is based exclusively on generally accepted scientific principles and not on hypotheses or postulates like it is currently the case for physics. 
PURe of particles for example is based on following basic chemical principle: The number of fundamental particles of each type is constant within a closed  system.  
PURe is based on principle of relativity and does not violate this principle for speed of light like in Special Relativity.
The formula for the relativistic energy had to be corrected in PURe, as it violates the principle of energy conservation.

Spectacular findings

1. Fundamental particles  are exclusively electrons and positrons. All other elementary particles are  built of electrons and positrons analog to orbital model of chemistry . So there is matter-antimatter symmetry in universe.
2. No other forces exists besides the chemical  forces (electrostatic and magnetic) of electrons and positrons. This is also valid for gravity! All energies originate in configurations of electrons and positrons.

3. Dark matter consists of muon-neutrinos.  Muon-neutrinos are as well the most stable as also the most reactive particles in universe. 
4. Kinetic energy, impuls and corresponding velocities (including speed of light) have to be referred to the rest frame of dark matter.
5. Space and time intervals are absolute. Speed of light is relative and not constant.

New explanations

Baryon asymmetry
Neutrinos (structure, oscillation, mass, anti-n)
Proton (radius, spin, mass, stability)
Annihilation of mass vs. annihilation of matter
Big bang, cosmic inflation and homogeniety
Dark energy
Black holes, singularity,
Violation of symmetry (C,P,CP)
Origin of inertial vs. gravitational mass
Decay  reactions of protons and other particles
Gravity and equivalence principle
Electrostatic und magnetism
light, "elektromagnetic waves"
Speed limit of light and matter
Origin of kinetic energy
Quantum entanglement and quantum eraser
Superconductivity and superfluidity
Gravitational waves

The universe needs your comments!

It is very important to review  PURe  and write comments.
Most urgent issue to consider is, if there is a hazard for all of us by one of the major findings: the symmetry of matter-antimatter!

The matter-antimatter symmetry is a realistic existential threat for all of us: under specific conditions, which can be generated by collider experiments, annihilation of all matter can occur (reverse big bang)!

See pages  "Particle physics" ; and  "Collider Experiments" and "Reverse big bang"

Links to e-book:  VTOE EU ; VTOE COM